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e-BOOKS: (Improve your Photography!)

A Brief History of Photography is just what it says. Fast paced and easy to read, yet it
covers the history from 1614 through 2018 (!) and includes not only the chemistry, but
the seminal cameras, films, sensors, lenses and accessories of their day; along with the
inventors and their companies... as well as a lot of fascinating trivia.

"Photography, from Snap-Shots to Super-Shots", is a series of e-books that will help
you improve your photography
no matter what camera you own.  Light and non-technical,
they are based on a series of well-received courses David has tought for many years;  in
Germany, Canada and across the USA. (Click on a cover, for more information.)

All can be read on any e-reader (other than a Kindle), your Android table
t, iPad, iPhone or
Windows or Mac desktop computer, with FREE apps from Kobo.com.